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About Bushido Martial Arts

Bushido is a forward thinking martial arts academy offering instruction of the highest standard in a comprehensive range of martial arts disciplines.

Predominantly a traditional jiu-jitsu school, Bushido also offers traditional Shotokan karate and sport-based freestyle karate classes. Recent additions to the Bushido timetable are light continuous kickboxing and freestyle jiu-jitsu.

Growing from what was once a small self defence class, Bushido has developed a strong base of black belts in a number of styles. This core of senior graded instructors provide support and tuition to newer members, making your learning experience a valuable and enjoyable one.

Under the leadership of Master John Robertson 6th Dan, Bushido is now run by a talented and multi-disciplined team of Black Belt Instructors including the very focused and talented (W.K.C. World Champion) Sensei Vitesh Solanki.

As Bushido grows ever stronger in competition, two new Assistant Instructors have now joined the team and provide massive support to the Kata Division of the Shoguns Team. Sensei Leah Ferneyhough 3rd Dan Freestyle Karate, 1st Dan Shotokan Karate and Double W.K.C. World Kata Champion 2014 is Senior Team Instructor, bringing huge experience and youth to the Shoguns. Sensei Jake Clegg 3rd Dan Freestyle Karate and 1st Dan Shotokan Karate is Assistant Senior Team Instructor. Jake brings a huge amount of experience to the team and his enthusiasm is totally inspiring.

Sensei Marc Knowles 4th Dan now leads Whaley Bridge Kickboxing Club after many years teaching workplace based classes. Marc, an extremely talented kickboxer brings another dimension to Bushido and will soon be joining the SHOGUNS on the tournament circuits.

Sensei Dave Kelly completes the current Instructor Team as our Aikido Instructor. Currently 3rd Dan Black Belt, Dave runs two classes each week teaching Aikido to a group of keen and focused students.

freestyle karate kyu grades As part of Bushido’s commitment to improving sporting links within the community, classes are also held in a number of schools throughout the Stockport area. This initiative began in 2004 and has now seen the first Black Belt students to come solely as a result of the positive partnership with Stockport Sports Development program. This achievement is a glowing testament to the positive attitude of Stockport Education in aiming to give children every opportunity possible to reach their full potential.

Now close to its 30th Anniversary Bushido is proud of its long and successful history that has seen a number of British Champions, European Champions and 5 World Champions in 2014. With the 100th Black Belt attained in December 2010 and now close to 200 Black Belts gained, Bushido is looking to further build on its reputation as a strong, disciplined and dedicated Martial Arts Academy providing first class instruction. We welcome you to be part of the continued success story that is Bushido Martial Arts...

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