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Sensei Conor McGirr

Senior Instructor
Sensei Conor McGirr

4th Dan : Jiu-Jitsu
4th Dan : Freestyle Karate

November 2000 -1st Dan Black Belt Freestyle
July 2001 - Member WKA Great Britain Squad
December 2001 - Awarded Cadet Leader
December 2001 - Most Supportive Student
December 2001 - 3rd Place Kata Champion
November 2002 - C.M.A.A Freestyle England Squad Member

Watch this Space For More Acheivements As Conor Continues to Progress

Sensei Conor McGirr is one of the rising stars of Bushido Martial Arts, a multi-title winner in competitions the length and breadth of Britain Conor is now a vital part of the Instruction team. Having gained 4th Dan Black Belts in Jiu-Jitsu and Freestyle Karate Conor is set to become a major force in the future development of Bushido Martial Arts. Having joined the ranks of Senior Instructors Conor is now charged with the future success of the Bushido ‘SHOGUNS’ tournament squad, a task he is relishing and already 6 students have gained British titles this year.

Sensei Conor McGirr large photo