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At Bushido Martial Arts, we strive to empower students to tackle challenges, take on new experiences, learn and develop new skills that will last a lifetime. Below you’ll find the information you need about the martial arts we teach, our dedicated and experienced instructor team and our methodology. Can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions? Contact us today.


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Traditional Japanese Jiujitsu in the heart of Stockport 

Martial Arts Class

Freestyle Karate 

A mixture of traditional and modern Karate techniques. 



Our kickboxing classes are a new addition and we are excited by the development of our small but dedicated kickboxing team. Kickboxing is excellent for fitness and beginners are always welcome. 

Practicing at Homehome


Beginners (both adults and children) are always welcome at Bushido Martial Arts and your first lesson is free of charge. We know that starting a new sport or at a new club can be daunting and we want to make it as easy as possible for you. We can meet you before the lesson begins to show you around the dojo, introduce you to the instructor team and ensure you feel comfortable before the lesson begins. Please contact us if you are thinking of joining - sending a quick email or text message could be the first step on your martial arts journey! 


More About Bushido Martial Arts

21st century education carries with it a mix of new challenges and promising tools. Bushido Martial Arts offers traditional martial arts combined with modern innovations in techniques and teaching methods. At the core of our mission, lies our commitment to providing an engaging, respectful and rewarding learning environment.

This unique approach, together with our experienced, dedicated and highly skilled instructor team, makes Bushido Martial Arts one of the best schools in the north west. Explore our engaging and diverse offering of martial arts, and get in touch with our team to schedule a free trial class.


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August 2021

We are delighted to see everyone back in the Dojo and are delighted that our jiujitsu class is back in full contact. 

Students and visitors must continue to adhere to the strict hand washing, sanitising and safety protocol we implemented last year. 

If you are a new member, we kindly request that you alert a member of our team prior to entering the dojo or contact us beforehand so we can show you around and explain the dojo's COVID-19 hygiene protocol. 

Regretfully, anyone found to be breaching the COVID-19 protocol will be asked to leave the dojo.