Our Martial Arts

Bushido Martial Arts is committed to providing martial arts instruction that not only fits every skill level and background, but also infuses our supportive and innovative teaching approach into the students we teach. If you are new to martial arts and aren’t sure which martial art would be most suited to you, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss the options and book you a free trial lesson. 


Jiu-jitsu is one of the oldest forms of martial arts and relies on a variety of techniques including throws, locks and defensive manoeuvres to manipulate the opponent's force against themselves. We teach traditional Japanese Jiujitsu with the addition of modern street/self defence techniques.

Jiujitsu is suitable for all fitness levels, sizes, shapes and abilities and we welcome beginners as well as experienced practitioners. 

Due to the full-contact nature of Jiujitsu, we recommend that children be a minimum of 8 years old before commencing training. However, younger children are welcome in our Freestyle Karate class and as our Jiujitsu syllabus contains a number of skills taken from Karate, a sound knowledge base learned from our karate class will be beneficial to all young budding Jiujitsu students! 


Freestyle & Shotokan Karate

Karate was made exceedingly popular by a number of films in the 90s and remains a popular martial art of choice for a large number of athletes to this day. Karate focuses on strikes, kicks and stances and a number of our students also train with weapons and in traditional kata. 

Our Karate syllabus combines modern freestyle techniques with traditional Shotokan Karate to provide students with a well rounded skill set. We hold firm to our core traditional martial arts values of respect, honour and integrity and our classes are suitable for children and adults of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels and experience levels!

Karate classes can be held in a socially distanced manner. 

Please contact us for more information. 



Kickboxing is the newest addition to our class repertoire and the kickboxing classes and team are headed and taught by Sensei Jacob Haynes.


Street defence 

We use a mixture of traditional and modern teaching methods and this includes teaching both traditional and modern techniques! Both our Jiujitsu and Karate classes include some coaching in street defence techniques. 



All of our classes contain a warm up, including stretches, press ups, sit ups and light jogging. We understand that this aspect of the class can be very intimidating for new martial artists and we are here to help you start on your journey. You will not be penalised or chastised in any way if you are unable to complete the full warm up and you are always welcome to take a rest if required. We tailor exercises and stretches to our students and if you have any injuries or movement difficulties we ask that you inform us prior to starting the warm up so we can alter our exercises accordingly. This short video shows Sensei Jacob performing a rolling break fall over a tower of pads. Please note that we will not expect you to be able to nor we will ask you to do this!