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April 2021

We are following the government's COVID-19 guidelines closely and all students and visitors must continue to adhere to the strict social distancing protocol we implemented last year until we advise otherwise. This protocol includes sanitising hands prior to entering the dojo (sanitiser is provided), removing footwear, awaiting your turn in the changing rooms via a ticketing system, a one-way system for entry to the lunch area and strict social distancing whilst on and off the mats. The mats are sanitised between lessons and any equipment used during lessons is sanitised after use. Our changing and toilet facilities are cleaned after each lesson and sanitiser is provided in a number of locations in the dojo. 

Please note that parents dropping children off for lessons are not permitted on the mats, in the lunch area or in the changing area and must stay in the designated parent area close to the dojo entrance. 

If you are a new member, we kindly request that you alert a member of our team prior to entering the dojo or contact us beforehand so we can show you around and explain the dojo's COVID-19 hygiene protocol before you enter. 

Regretfully, in order to protect the safety of our students and instructors, anyone found to be breaching the COVID-19 protocol will be asked to leave the dojo.